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Such a disgusting sight.

Just minutes ago, the proud blonde was speaking with such a confidence to rival royalty, defying the witch ever which way in what she was asking for. At this point, Bunny couldn’t remember the initial purpose of confronting Jessica in the first place, but she had been disrespected and threatened by her so it didn’t matter too much.

She was mess. Not too delicious a meal, but a lovely play thing. A sinister, playful grin dancing across those blood-stained lips, that promised either pain or pleasure, as she took in the Ushiromiya’s suffering. As unsightly as she was, it was all beautiful to her in the same.

This is what such a “strong” human can be reduced to in her presence..

"Why should I…?

          I want to make you feel even better~”

It wasn’t difficult to figure what she meant.

The girl expected Bunny to kill her, which she never had any intention of doing since the beginning. The young witch hadn’t even made plans for torture, it was Jessica’s unruly tongue that had gotten her into this mess; Twitching, bleeding profusely to the point of near death, aching, and armless..

                      “I can’t hurry when you don’t give me what I want..

             I want to rid this body of any and all pride, and I want you to be alive and watch me do it. On top of that, you’ve yet to swear your soul and allegiance to me.

     Why give up the game when I haven’t received my prize, yet, Jessica.

❉ — How was she to go about anything else anymore? She was sure that at some point this would all kill her - she just had to wait until it did. She wouldn’t have to sacrifice what little shreds of dignity she was only just able to keep a hold of any more. Maybe, despite all this, she’d be happy afterwards. It was just going to take a while before she could get to that point.

Her throat felt like a barren wasteland. She’d been crying out and sobbing for who knew how long earlier, to the point where her voice may as well have escaped her. It hurt when she spoke, but that wasn’t the reason why she chose to remain silent. She was afraid that she’d use the wrong words and influence the witch to do something else unreasonable and violent. That sickly smile upon her face racked her body with fear; she needed to tread carefully.


❉ — Her voice was weak, but it held so much emotion. A mix of hate, fear and worry. This would all be a sick little game that involved gambling and a hell of a lot of risk taking in order to win. Jessica never could, though - she’d long since lost this petty ‘game’, so why was she still playing?

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❉ — A hapless girl at the hands of a witch. Not yet a mangled body left to rot, but a life that struggled to take hold of what was left. She shouldn’t be here. Rather, she should have been dead a very long time ago.

But the witch refused to kill her.

She couldn’t comprehend it. Wouldn’t one revel in another’s death in a situation like this? Wouldn’t this stupid wench be happy that there would be one less person to oppose her and her presence? 

But something that left her mind completely and utterly lost was the fact that she was so helpless. Her one and only defence mechanism gone - her trusty arms that could quite easily pack a punch with or without her brass knuckles to help her out - left her weak. 

She’d never once considered the fact that her death could come so soon, though. She enjoyed what she had, certainly - but she hadn’t the chance to say goodbye to anyone she loved and would miss. It was all a scary thought, but if it was to rid herself of all of this pain and suffering, then maybe she was willing to pay the price. Maybe it was all worth it.

           ”Hurry up.”

❉ — Get it over and done with, she thought. End it.

The color in her face - and in the rest of her body - had paled significantly since she’d lost her arms, but no genius would need to figure out that it was because of the excessive blood loss. At this point, it would be all over, right? She’d be able to leave anything and everything that ever once played a significance in her life.

How shameful. For such a strong spirit, it hadn’t taken much to whittle her down to the smallest little nothing one could try to imagine. And she’d be long gone before anyone noticed anything.

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-It must’ve been painful for the girl. There was no other way for it to be. Her voice had gone hoarse from the scream and body likely tired, pained from the thrashing, digging and bleeding. In Bunny’s honest opinion, she deserved it, and nothing could have cause those plump, red lips to smile any harder.

The position she was in allowed her to feel and take in most anything. The looks a agony and exhaustion, it was as beautiful as it was sad, coupled with the dripping, splattered blood, the rise and fall of Jessica’s chest as she continued to breathe —Good GOD, that chest. She wasn’t advertising correctly— Bunny could feel her heartbeat. That sweet, soft thump of life that she could easily stop. She loved it.-

Speaking like that again, are you?

-Slowly, she began to lick her lips clean, Even though this was a rather serious moment, she found herself ogling Jessica’s breasts. Still incomparable to her own, the were rather nice. Oh, to fondle those against her will…-

Would you like me to dig my nails into you again…?

Maybe in a different place…..

Or, shall I cut something else off..?


❉ — The mere word ‘cut’ sent a whole new feeling through her body. It seemed like fear, but it scared her on a completely different kind of level. It was the uneasiness one got when they couldn’t anticipate what would happen afterwards, and whether or not the outcome would be positive or negative. It sent adrenaline through her veins, and her racing heart only made the chemical travel around her body faster.

The fact that scared her the most, though, was the fact that she’d be able to see everything as the witch tortured her.

When she’d mentioned “cut[ting] something else off”, that was probably when Jessica snapped. As soon as she processed the threat that now loomed over her, she screamed. It didn’t matter if her throat felt like a barren desert, it didn’t matter that her lungs felt like giving out - she screamed. The shrill noise hurt her own ears, too. The terror racking her very bones was just too much for her to handle anymore.

She wanted - needed was probably a better way to put it - someone to save her. Someone. Anyone. She didn’t care who it was - she just wanted to run away from this all. She’d scream at the top of her lungs just to capture someone’s attention. She just didn’t want everything to repeat itself again. The mere thought of going through all that pain again- she couldn’t, she just- she didn’t even know if she’d be dead before this witch even considered showing mercy!

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Ahh.. So much blood. It’s actually rather amazing that there’s more in you..

-The scent was obvious to Bunny as well, but in a different way. She was used to the scent, welcoming of it, even, if it just had to be there. Better scents were known to the senses of this witch. The tips of her fingers tingling from the sensation of scraping around on some sort of surface for some time, irritating her now, she forcefully yanked them from the depths into which she’d dug them-

There. Still hurt..?

-Of course, the was rhetorical. Naturally, having your arms cut off hurt for more that scraping your knees or being tapped of the head with a ball. The red liquid and human meat from Jessica’s body now covered Bunny’s lips, as she was using her mouth the clean her hands. 

She’d eaten human before. This was no different.

With the occasional contented sigh at the taste and those of relief upon sight of a “clean,” freshly-sucked finger, blood and flesh had smeared across her mouth. Calm, still very joyous, and proud, she looked like a savage. The perfect combination of a privileged princess and a hungry, man-eating monster made Bunny a beautiful, yet terrifying sight. What further entertainment did she seek from the blonde Ushiromiya female?-


❉ — Her senses heightened, for some reason - one would think that in this moment of weakness, they would become dull. Maybe it was her body living up the last few moments she might or might not have left in this state. She could feel her heart drumming against her chest. Each last beat of her vital organ rippled through her body - she made sure that the feeling lasted, whether or not it was painful. She didn’t know what was worse, though; having lost her arms, or knowing the only way out was to give in.

Through bleary eyes, she could see the witch consuming her blood yet again. It made her want to vomit, honestly - what was nice about someone’s blood (especially hers!)? Nothing about this was heart warming, though. Maybe this sort of thing was to be expected, especially after having reached this point.

Sick of me already…?" she taunted, her voice and breath clearly strained. She just hoped that this remark wouldn’t earn her death— or any more pain, mind you.

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repulsive-artifact started following you

❉ — Huh? What was someone - more importantly, someone that could be identified as atrespasser - doing at this sort of hour? —Well, not that Jessica could speak for her own presence; she probably should have been sleeping. Her eyes narrowed, scrutinizing the figure.

"You know, this is private property.
      You can get into trouble for wandering around like this.”